The 20 Worst Countries to Live in Right Now (2023)

The 20 Worst Countries to Live in Right Now (1)

If you have considered relocating to a different country for work or to have a different experience, there are some countries that you should probably stay away from when you conduct your research.

The 20worst countriesto live in are considered so because of the danger locals face regularly and the poor quality of life you gain from that experience. Based onstatisticsof danger regarding civil unrest in these areas and economic statistics surrounding the quality of life and prosperity, below are countries you should not have on your list for full-time residency in the near future.

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20. Angola

Angola is located in the southwest corner of Africa and has a culture known for being a bit abrasive, especially to outsiders. Statistics show that there is some economic growth in the area, however.

Visitors coming to the country should be concerned about the locals, who can be unpredictable, and the area’s water and health conditions.

While some facilities in the capital of Luanda are available to assist residents and visitors, these resources are limited throughout the country as a whole, and there is a risk for several vector-borne diseases that can be dangerous to your health when traveling based on danger statistics.

19. Suriname

Located in South America, Suriname has the country’s features that attract visitors to the area. There are even some positive trends in growth for this area, with statistics indicating that it has been on the rise for several years.

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However, the danger in Suriname cannot be overlooked. The majority of the economy in the area is poor, so if you are planning to move to the area with any wealth, you must be prepared to be attacked, robbed or pay for security from the locals attempting to steal from your property. Statistically, Suriname is one of the poorest countries in South America.

18. Haiti

While there are gorgeous beaches on this island, the country of Haiti is one of the 20worst countries to live indue to its poor economy and high crime rate. Over half of the population lives in extreme poverty, with starvation and hunger being a large part of the issue.

The high crime rate of eight people per 1000 means that there is a chance you can be a victim of a crime by visiting or moving to Haiti.

17. Kenya

For every 1000 people in Kenya, there is a death rate of seven percent related to the poor economy and harsh living conditions of the locals.

There is an HIV/AIDS epidemic happening in Kenya that is the leading killer of the local population. In addition to this disease, the country has had its share of notoriousserial killersin the last few years, attacking those who have recently moved to the area and those who are more prosperous.

16. Bangladesh

The environment in Bangladesh is not the best to live in, especially if you are planning to raise a family there. While it is not as violent as some countries on the list, it is one of theworst countries to live inbecause of limited access to health care and modern medicine.

Statistical data indicate that Bangladesh is currently one of the more impoverished countries, and the leading killer of children are diseases that can be treated with modern medicine.

15. Iraq

War-ridden, Iraq is another country in the Middle East that makes a list for being one of theworst countries to live in. With the constant terror of war and potential bombs blowing up in the area, there is a reason to be concerned before moving to Iraq.

Data from that region not only note a poor economy because of bad conditions of the country, but also the civil unrest that plagues the country. Some parts are more violent than others, but at least five of the 1000 people who move to the area are victims of these violent crimes resulting from terrorist attacks.

14. Egypt

In the last decade, Egypt has also undergone civil violence and unrest throughout the country, forcing it to become one of theworst countries to live in. The crime rate in Egypt has increased significantly; statistics regarding the crime rate indicate that there has been a gradual rise in violent crimes over the last five years.

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This includes assault, armed robberies, and even high rates of petty theft. In addition to these numbers, The economic data in Egypt indicate that it isn’t as high as it was over a decade ago. It does have one of the better economies in the Middle East and North Africa regions, but a large number of the citizens are still impoverished with limited access to modern medicine.

13. Vietnam

Vietnam has been considered one of theworst countries to live infor several decades due to the poor economy of the country and the periodic attacks resulting from civil attacks.

The economy is already one of the poorest in Asia, and is expected to weaken further throughout the 2023 fiscal year. Many of the residents in the country experience a poor credit rating, limiting the quality of life in Vietnam. There is also limited access to healthcare and technology throughout the country, especially as you navigate the less populated communities.

12. Sri Lanka

The current national economy of Sri Lanka is a negative debt from the government due to outstanding debt to other countries. Some regulations policies are in place to help current residents, but those moving to the country will find that the living conditions are some of the poorest compared to Western countries.

This outstanding debt that Sri Lanka experiences regularly makes it hard to bring in higher quality products, restaurants, and other things that improve overall quality of life.

11. North Korea

While the economy in North Korea is not nearly as dire as many of the countries on this list, North Korea is one of theworst countries to live inbecause of the leadership and the hostility to the environment.

Approximately60 percentof the population is employed as of the most recent data. The danger statistics for those not Korean and moving to this area are relatively high, especially if they announce themselves as Christian and practice living in Western culture. The Kim dynasty in North Korea has strict laws that all living in the country must abide by.

10. Libya

Although Libya has a great oil and natural gas trade, the sale of these products is slowly working its way through the country as a true republic does. Libya has a republic government that advocates for equality.

However, many citizens of Libya reject this new government that went into place in 2011 and stalk visitors to the country, attacking them. Violent crime statistics in Libya indicate that outsiders moving to the area have a 50 percent chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

9. Iran

Another country that is seeking out western travelers or transplants is Iran. If you attempt to move to this country, there is a high risk of becoming a victim of civil unrest or a detention sentence.

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The economy of Iran is not the strongest in the Middle East, although they have started to build back since the pandemic. The environment is very hot and dry, with long periods of droughts and intense heat throughout the summer months. Health statistics surrounding Iran indicate that many residents suffer from hunger, starvation and heat strokes regularly.

8. Madagascar

If you are planning to move to Madagascar, keep in mind that some who live there have been relatively safe, but there are many comforts and risks that you take coming from a first world country.

Madagascar is highly populated in one part of the country because the highlands on the Western side is hard to live in. This means there is a higher crime rate, theft, and smaller crimes that are not as violent.

The highest risks in this country come at the environmental level, with lots of overpopulation and poor planning, which has damaged the environment. There are constant cases of soil erosion, deforestation and soil degradation which is impacting the quality of life in the country immensely.

7. Venezuela

The views of Venezuela make it a place that one may want to relocate to as a second home or permanently. However, current statistics indicate that this is not a safe place to travel and is currently one of theworst countries to live in.

The instability in the government and poor economy that has taken over as a result has made the country a civil battleground. Currently, many residents are experiencing unemployment and severely impoverished conditions.

6. South Africa

One of the countries with the highest crime levels in the world is South Africa. While more than half of the crimes committed are nonviolent, foreigners who relocate are often the victims of sexual assault and murder.

While the economy is on a gradual decline economically, the more rural areas are experiencing higher levels of poverty since the pandemic and it is affecting the country as a whole.

5. Niger

According to thenational travel advisory, it is not safe to relocate and move to Niger at this time. There are high levels of crime and terrorism developing throughout the country, with new transplants to the area, usually victims of crimes.

While Niger has been experiencing a change to a more democratic government, there has been civil pushback throughout the country.

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The economy of Niger consists of agriculture, uranium deposits, and some livestock, but the economic gains are not properly diversified throughout the country, leaving the majority impoverished.

4. Mali

If you are considering a relocation, Mali is not the place to move in the near future. There is a high chance of terrorist attacks, with residents having almost 50 percent chance of being close to or a victim of an attack in the larger areas.

In the last few years, the economy has been declining, so those already living in a poor state are more impoverished. The quality of life is not as high as very little modern medicine and technology available to the masses.

3. Lebanon

While Lebanon has not had a super strong economy, the last two years have been very devastating, moving unemployment rates to nearly 30 percent after they were only 11 percent.

The highest populated cities have a high crime rate of over 60 percent. It is very difficult to get items into the country, such as vaccines and basic medicines, so the life expectancy is low and unhealthy. Nearly 20 percent of their children do not live past 16 because of viral diseases and others can be treated with modern vaccines.

2. South Sudan

South Sudan has been considered one of theworst countries to live inglobally for many years. Because there is a long history of communism in South Sudan, there is lots of civil unrest and terrorist attacks in this area.

The residents are purposely kept poor to be controlled and those who are foreign moving to the area are targeted for violent crimes such as kidnappings, extortion and even murder.

1. Chad

Like South Sudan, Chad has the same travel advisory to avoid visits. Those living in Chad are forced to live impoverished and continue watching for terrorist attacks. As the climate changes, violence is not the only stress residents are experiencing.

The country continues to become drier, worsening the already limited agricultural economy and animals for food moving out of the country. The lack of clean water means that starvation, hunger and poor living conditions are enough to be responsible for nearly20 percentof deaths yearly.

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