Interview with Commentator Julie Borowski (2023)

Interview with Commentator Julie Borowski (1)

Julie Borowski is not afraid to speak her mind. She is a Millennial Libertarian who loves freedom. She has a YouTube channel where she discusses all kinds of interesting political and pop culture topics. I had the privilege to interview her through email. Check it out below. Her answers are in bold.

This is a favorite question of my readers, where is your hometown?

Close to DC.

How different is it from Washington DC?

Smaller. But growing up so close to DC, I never glamorized it. Some people are like, “oh my god! I can’t believe I get to work in DC!” Where I’m like, “huh? DC is the place where we went to elementary school field trips.” It was never particularly special to me because I went there so often as a kid.
What kinds of interests did you have in high school? Debate? Pottery?

Believe it or not, I was an athlete. It’s funny because I’m small. I was a fast pitch softball pitcher and that took up a lot of my time. One year, I was playing for my high school, rec league, and a travel team. I also was a softball umpire so I say that prepared me for criticism online.

Did you get your start in writing in high school?

Yes, I wrote for my high school newspaper. One memorable article I wrote was about how the smurfs are a bunch of commies.

Tell us about your time at Frostburg State University. What were you studying?

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Oh, I loved college. Frostburg is a small college in the mountains of western Maryland with a reputation of being a party school. I cannot confirm or deny! People are nice there. The professors are focused on teaching (rather than research like at bigger universities) and the class sizes are small which is nice. I majored in political science.

What kind of activities or societies were you a part of?

I was on the debate team! Of course I was.

Did any teacher or professor, whether in high school or college, have an effect on your life?

I have to give a shout out to my economics professor, Dr. Bill Anderson. He works closely with the Mises Institute. I dealt with a lot of liberal bias in my classes. It was nice break to go to the economics department!

What kind of activities did you do for Activism For Ron Paul?

Spent a lot of time on Internet message boards haha.

Were do you fall on the political spectrum? Conservative, Libertarian, Conservatarian?

I’m a libertarian.

(Video) Julie Borowski Interviews Jack Hunter (Take 2)

How did you get interested in filming videos on YouTube?

I graduated college and got a job as a policy writer at a DC free market organization. My boss, who was a regular on TV, was approached about doing a live nationally broadcasted TV interview about Ron Paul. He couldn’t do it that day so he asked if I would be willing to take his place. Ahhh! I was a behind the scenes writer who had never been on TV! I told him yes, but I was extremely nervous. Well, the TV producer turned me down because of my lack of experience. But that made me realize that I was going to have to do interviews to advance my career. I needed practice and to calm my nerves before I made a fool of myself in front of a lot of people. So, I started a YouTube channel that enabled me to practice my speech and see people’s reactions/constructive criticism. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get any sort of audience. I barely told anyone I knew about my YouTube channel because I saw it as speech practice.

When did you get started?

I uploaded my first video in summer 2011.

Your videos have a humorous edge to them. Where do you find your funny?

Thank you. First, I started off as pretty serious because I was a policy person and I thought I had to! As my subscribers went up, I realized that I could actually reach people. I started watching popular YouTube channels to see what they were doing. They were entertaining and off the wall. I tried to show more of my goofy personality and it worked. People responded to it. People outside of my typical libertarian bubble audience. Now I try to do a balance between educational and entertaining– it’s hard! I’ve always liked to make people laugh. It’s a great feeling.

Recently, you loaned your voice to FreedomToons in the episode Leftism: Then VS Now, another hilarious channel. What was it like to see your voice come out of an animated character?

I think I found my calling. My next career will be voicing cartoons. I’m very good at it.

On your channel, you cover a wide range of topics including social issues, politics, and entertainment, how do you determine which topic to talk about?

(Video) Planting Seeds of Liberty | Julie Borowski

The videos that do the best are the ones related to current events. You have to move fast! A day after and people have already forgotten about it! I like to make videos about the latest outrage and then put a pro-liberty spin on it. Gets views, open minds.

Where do you find inspiration for your videos?

Depends. Sometimes an idea will just hit me in the middle of the day and I can’t wait to go home and make the video. I scribble down a bunch of notes and something comes through.

Did you ever make a video and decide, no, this one is not going?

Yes. I’ll be editing it and be disappointed or think it’s boring.

You are active on social media. For a long time, those of us on the Right were slow to catch up with the left on SM. How important do you think social media is when it comes to getting the message out?

Everyone is on social media so it’s a great way to reach people. Some people will hate on “Internet activists.” But one tweet can reach millions. It’s insane. And my mom’s basement is nice.

Got any cool projects coming out this year?

See below.

(Video) Escaping The Echo Chamber

Is there a book by Julie Borowski in the future?

Working on it 🙂

Final question. You break the stereotype of that liberals force on women. I can only imagine the hate mail you get. What kind of criticisms have you received and how do you let it roll off your back?

I’m stupid, I’m a whore, I’m ugly, I’m annoying (yeah, that makes sense), my voice is god awful, people only watch my videos because of my looks (which is a backhanded compliment, for sure). I’ve definitely gotten thicker skin over the years. It stings less when you hear the same insults over and over again. But I think I’ve always had a strong sense of self. I have to remember that these people don’t know me. They are responding to this image they have of this girl in their computer screen. They aren’t insulting the me that I know, if that makes any sense.

That concluded our interview. Julie was hilarious and I enjoyed her answers very much. Be sure to find her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, check out her YouTube channel for some hilarious videos.

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Interview with Commentator Julie Borowski (2)


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