Hamdullah Al Afghani Restaurant, Magnolia Bldg. 2 (2023)



Hamdullah Al Afghani Restaurant



06 June 2023 13:35

They are very rude and they had zero respect they don't even know how to serve the customer



21 March 2023 11:08

Owner as well as the staff in this restaurant are piece of shit… Go to this restaurant only when you want to spoil your mood and write a bad review like this… Absolutely disgusting!



09 February 2023 5:20

Typical Afghani restaurant, tried bindi but couldn’t taste and see any bindi because of the extreme oil used, 15dhs for this meal is way to high



24 January 2023 11:59

First they deliver undercooked Meat swimming in the oil and they dont want to accept there mistake. Then the delivery guy is arguing with me that why you take bite from it. Seriously? How do i know without taking bite from it that the meat is properly cooked or not. Mannerless staff including their delivery team.



30 December 2022 21:27

Overall food quality if good but I only reservation they are not switching the vegetable dishes only always Alu palak and bhindi. Come on guys bring some changes.



22 November 2022 19:41

Delicious fast food/restaurant in JVC, has everything that your heart could wish. Simply the Best!



20 November 2022 19:20

Chicken BBQ is good but need to improve quality of the meat BBQ.
Afghani pulao is good.
Siting capacity is combusted and limited. No separate sitting area for families.



08 November 2022 8:06

Very good restaurant. I ofter eat there as it is just down my building.

Décoration is funny as an European I am not use to this. But food is excellent!



30 October 2022 16:52

Al most 2 year. Still they didn't fixed there bathroom.
Or they close it for customers.



21 October 2022 20:50

Good food quality.
Prices are higher than usual afghani restaurants, but still good prices.
I would recommend.



03 September 2022 4:08

Very slow service, if u will speak with a staff by English
U will waste ur time and health.



11 August 2022 9:22

Very poor service
Waited for 10 mins before a waiter attended despite restaurant being empty
Food quality was ok but very highly priced for that place and comparitive restaurants serving similar cuisine
Overall unhygienic atmosphere



27 July 2022 7:38

Be very careful to ordering their food. I orderd chicken charcoal because my family members, including small kids were very hungry for very long. While placing the order i enquired them what would be the delivery time? They told me with in 20 minutes they will be delivering the food. We have been waiting for the food for 1.15 hours and they delivered the food after one and half hours. Meanwhile, i called them three times but they told me that food will be coming with in few minutes in a very arrogant and absolutely rude way. Finally, the food arrives but there are no offered inclusions as the rotty was missing from the pack. As a customer more over a family we have few calculations, according to that we are ordering the food. Again i called them but they again responded the angry mode keep on arguing that they send the package correctly but they delivered the Rotty later on. Any way cant recommend this restaurant to anyone as they have arrogant sellers who do not value the customers. They do not know that without customers they can not survive.really bad customer service.rating 0



09 July 2022 14:27

A True Afghani traditional food you can enjoy there but their counter boy isn't professional



01 July 2022 10:22

It's basically a low income establishment, great for budget meals but not family friendly if one is to eat there. The interior is well done Great for fresh naans. Don't expect the greatest customer service either.



27 June 2022 15:25

The worst customer survice, I am just asking is it fresh he reply me very rude and disrespectful



18 June 2022 18:50

I have been living in Dubai for last 7 Years but wrost and cheated staff i never ever seen in my life. I ordered and paid advance for 4 pieces in each chicken but they divide into 8 pieces. When i asked they said don’t argue with us and don’t waste our time. Even after heared this one i replied i will not give you order anymore because you don’t have ethics how’s you treat with customer. They replied with awkwardly its your choice.i simply adviced health is your first wealth kindly dont come here.



05 April 2022 14:17

I don’t even wish to give them 1 star. What they advertise on photos. They didn’t provide that. After asking them the explanation, the reasons they gave like literally, I don’t know anything. I have been into these type of cuisines for more than 35 years. They were giving very odd reasons. Its simple plain naan just seasame added on it. While the naan from the photo they advertise is totally a different naan. It’s made in a different manner. The dough is totally made in different manner and method.
Kindly read all the negative reviews before going there. I made a big mistake by going there.
Once ordered one dish previously, it wasn’t upto the expectations. But this time they charged me 32 aed for these naans which weren’t suppose to be made like this. And i am going to bring a naan from another restaurant to show them how it is actually. They even had the audacity to tell me that its the same naan from the picture. Like i am an alien and I don’t know anything. So i am not going there again and I wouldn’t recommend to my friends either. Totally disappointed. I made a mistake to pay in advance. I told them i don’t want it. They said it can’t be refunded either.



23 March 2022 4:12

Hamdullah Al Afghani Restaurant is an Afghani restaurant in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) it's a very lavish looking restaurant with great interior work done with glass cladding, the food is nice and delicious although the joint is a little pricey compared to other similar restaurants in other places. Their food is really good especially Pulao, Charcoal and Grill.



13 March 2022 2:54

I ordered food at 7: 30 for JVC, after one hour I called and he send me another mobile number, I called then some guy who doesn’t speak english or arabic answered and saying he is in Barsha shop, I called JVC restaurant again he said 5 minutes, after 2 hours no one came.
Unprofessional staff with poor experience



20 February 2022 7:57

Food was slightly more expensive than the other restaurants nearby. Taste was very poor. Illiterate people running the place. On inquiring why "Raitha" was not served with biryani, the staff replied with "I didn't have breakfast and you are having biryani". Poorest service and food that I had so far. Please don't waste your money there.



28 January 2022 21:18

1) Very unhygienic restaurant. From dining table to washroom, nothing is clean.
2) Waiters are unprofessional, unattentive and unhygienic. At least the restaurant manager should provide them with clean and tidy dresses.
3) The roti guy puts his saliva for opening up the plastic carry bag and putting the roti imside. On top of that gives his attitude to every other person.
4) The tea is so filthy that you can't even finish a cup. It's stale and kept in thermos from morning to evening.
The restaurant is only making money because of its location as its in the corner with many chairs for people to sit and chit chat.



16 January 2022 11:07

Honestly one of the best qabli palaws I have tired. Inside the shop feels like a bright hotel. Also quick delivery services too!



11 January 2022 8:58

Delivery service is fast but not good taste they don't know how to make bhindi and paya they should make pulawo becoz other dishes are not belong to Afghanistan so they don't know how to make.



29 December 2021 9:40

Resturant Location is good. If there is a Zero star i would give that one because of bad service and poor food quality except Palao. Prices are also bit higher compared to other Resturants. Chef actually don't know the actual recipe of food. I almost tried all the items from this Resturant. (Breakfast to Dinner).

In addition, For people's who are giving the 5 stars to this Resturant they also actually don't know the real taste of Afghani Cruise and not the actual Food Lover.



22 December 2021 18:56

This restaurant is good but staff not good not help full I'm order three afghani roty and three tandori roty manager ask I'm not delivering



23 November 2021 23:47

Awful delivery service and no respect for customer's time. No coordination between the guy who is sitting in the restro and the driver. Driver says completely different thing from the guy at restro. They don't even bother to inform the customer and don't value customer's time.



25 October 2021 5:55

The taste and quality of food is ridicules. I tried it different dishes 5 times. But always disappointed. In all Afghan restaurant the soup is their specialty. But in this restaurant the soup is like vegetable curry.
Rude staff. I suggested the guy at the counter to improve the quality & taste of the food and he says we cannot and this what we serve. Cannot be changed.



09 October 2021 18:42

It's very bad coustmer service and I'm do order they send to me another one I ask him why you don't tell me before he tell me only this available I pay cash for him tell me I don't have change and he take the order and go very rudely



06 October 2021 0:22

Very poor service, I called them to prepare for me 15 roties I'll be there in 20 minutes, when I reached there they make me wait more, when I asked where are my roties they behave very rudely.



25 September 2021 4:27

Barsha side shop Food is very good n tasty, but the person sitting on the counter he is a small boy without mask n doesn't respect, even the waiter he is from Bangladesh but he is not professional n not trained how to serve. I asked to bring the sweets he is bringing in tissue paper.

I request dubai municipality to inspect this shop.



01 September 2021 17:06

When it comes to the taste of food it deserves 4 stars

But when it comes to service and welcoming and delivery not really safe or the best to order your take away from. Contactless is not happening at anytime soon.

Additionally, you should always check your order before the delivery guy leaves your door!



11 July 2021 9:11

The wrost resutrant who just want to take money from your pockets and provide wrost service ever.
1. They open branch in barsha everything was good. Suddenly they start give worst service.
2.change menu prices just after 2 months of opening
3.no hygienic staff and place
4.order something else and give something else
5. There are plenty of other resutrants who provide quality with Service.they just now want to get money without anything service.



12 June 2021 13:39

OMG, the decor! This is not a chandelier and lights store. It's a restaurant. If you get over the first shock and order one of the chicken or lamb dishes, you will be rewarded with tasty food and huge portions for a very reasonable price. It was so much we could still eat the entire week from the left-overs. Service is not exactly attentive or quick. But we certainly some back to try other dishes.


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