Can I get an ESTA at the airport? (2023)

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A common issue that people with travel plans for going to the US encounter isthat they are unaware of the need to obtain an ESTA or a visa as travel authorizationto enter the US. Sometimes people forget that they require an ESTA,or think that their existing one is still valid.In many cases, this can mean that their bookedflights get missed and they need to either reschedule or cancel their travel plans entirely.

However, if you do find yourself in this position, there is still a chance thatyou could obtain an ESTA whilst you are at the airport. With many ESTA applications,the whole processing time can be completed in just a few minutes, although this is notalways the case. The good news is thatthe ESTA applicationcan be completed using your mobile, so you can apply for it whilst you are at the airport,provided that you have internet connection. The other requirements are:

  • You have a valid biometric passport
  • You have a payment card to pay the application fee
  • You have a valid email address that you can access

How long does it take to submit an ESTA application?

If you have forgotten to apply for your ESTA before you set off for the airport, you can visit thewebsite to send your online ESTA application and fill in all of the details. This usuallytakes around 10 minutes to provide all of the required information. You will then need tmake the application fee payment using a credit or debit card and then provide the emailaddress that the ESTA correspondence should be sent to.

The processing time for an ESTA varies depending on how many are being processed at thetime and also whether there are any aspects of the application that could hold the application up.It is very important that the applicant takes great care in filling in the details, as if a mistakeis made, the application will usually get declined.

Once you have submitted your application you will need to wait to receive an email thatwill advise you whether your ESTA has been approved. It is therefore really important that you havegood internet connection so that your email comes through as quickly as possible.

What happens when the ESTA is approved?

If your ESTA is approved, it will be automatically electronically linked to your passportand will be ready for you to use to travel to the US. Your ESTA willget checked as you go through the Border Control when you land in the US.It is not possible to board a plane to the US without an ESTA, as the airline willusually check whether you have a valid ESTA attached to your passport and if not, they willnot allow you on the plane.

You should have at least six months left on your passport before it expires and if your ESTA isapproved it will be valid for two years, or until your passport expires if that is sooner.


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